LiveAirshowTV produces content about airshows, including live, sports-style television broadcasts.  These telecasts enhance the experience of attendees watching jumbotrons on-site and engage audiences off site watching through various distribution channels.  Depending on production scope and budget, telecasts may include an assortment of features and elements:

  • Multiple manned & robotic cameras, production truck/switcher
  • Camera operators skilled in following extreme-velocity aircraft
  • Director experienced with each performer’s routines, maneuvers, timing, unique soundtrack and narrators
  • Remote cameras mounted onboard performing aircraft
  • Graphics package: performer names, headshots, aircraft statistics, social media addresses, “coming up next” and more
  • Video “act intros” & “b-roll” video augmenting performances
  • Pilot “personality” introductions for more depth
  • Custom video vignettes, sponsor messages and commercials
  • Direct-to-social media reports
  • Integration of airshow PA announcer and audio

LiveAirshowTV Team Produces an Airshow Telecast