April 7, 2018 – Lakeland, FL – Sharing a common goal of elevating the airshow experience for both show attendees and aviation fans around the globe, SUN ‘n FUN and LiveAirshowTV are collaborating on yet another innovation with the premiere of The Preflight Show at the 2018 SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-in & Expo in Lakeland, Florida on Friday, April 13.

Modelled on the popular, highly-viewed live TV shows preceding sporting events, the Preflight Show is taking place on a concert-size stage located on the SUN ‘n FUN Warbird Ramp, with a spectacular backdrop of both modern military and rare historic aircraft. The fast-paced, energetic show is being produced by LiveAirshowTV, the global leader in airshow production. Co-hosted by airshow announcer Ric Petersen and motorsports broadcaster Mark Allen, the show will tell viewers all about the host event, special guests appearing each day, airshow performers and other entertaining, aviation-oriented topics. Reporters Stephanie Stricklen, Lunar Sawyer and Dave Keim will produce additional reports on the many people and stories that make SUN ‘n FUN a one-of-a-kind event.

The Preflight Show presented by MzeroA will air on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with a one-hour segment at 9:30 a.m. EDT and a half-hour at 12:30 p.m. EDT. The afternoon show will take viewers right to the start of airshow each day, which will also be broadcast by LiveAirshowTV’s ICAS Pinnacle Award-winning coverage. Both shows will be viewed by global audiences on multiple digital channels including Livestream, Facebook Live and a number of affiliated aviation media outlets.

“When we conceived the idea of a ‘pre-game show’ as yet another way to push beyond the boundaries of the traditional airshow experience,” said SUN ‘n FUN Director of Air Operations and Business Development Greg Gibson, “LiveAirshowTV was the obvious production partner. Not only do they know airshows inside and out but they are true broadcast professionals who create entertaining content that appeals to a broad audience. Over the last three years their entertainment value has been an integral part of our growth.”

LiveAirshowTV founder and President Jeff Lee said, “Of the many airshows we’ve worked with over the years, SUN ‘n FUN stands out as one that truly understands how to leverage what our productions can do for the event and its sponsors. We’re thrilled to work with them to bring The Preflight Show and SUN ‘n FUN 2018 to the world. We hope more airshows will follow their lead in raising the profile of our industry’s events to today’s audience and sponsor expectations.”

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