It’s the first performance of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels in the new Boeing F-18 Super Hornets and the new Fat Albert C-130, headlining America’s premiere airshow and aviation event, the SUN ’n FUN Aerospace Expo.  This year’s live broadcast coverage will be hosted live on site by veteran airshow personalities Rob Reider, Larry Strain and Steph Stricklen.  In addition to live aerobatic demonstrations by world-class extreme aviators and military jets, the telecast will include special guest interviews and a wide variety of feature stories on current aviation events!

Aerial Performances include: the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, the F-22 Raptor, Michael Goulian, Patty Wagstaff, the Army Black Daggers, Aeroshell Team, Thom Richard, Jim Pietz, Jacquie B, Rob Holland and many more!

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