August 21, 2017 – HARRISON TOWNSHIP, MI – Several new records were set with LiveAirShowTV’s coverage of the Selfridge Air National Guard Base 100th Anniversary Open House over the weekend. To commemorate the milestone event, Selfridge ANG and LiveAirShowTV partnered to create an innovative event format telling the base’s history and honoring veterans.

The format featured flight demonstration segments of military aircraft from WWI, WWII, Vietnam and modern eras with corresponding history vignettes about Selfridge’s role in each era. It also featured civilian aerobatic performers, a Coast Guard search and rescue demonstration, showcased armed forced recruiting videos and performances by the USAF Thunderbirds.

LiveAirShowTV integrated many elements including mounted, handheld, onboard and announcer stand cameras, partner videos and messages, social media promotions, act introduction videos, and green screen introductions of the Thunderbirds team. Video matching announcer commentary was added, along with graphics identifying and providing facts about the aircraft and pilots performing. The timing of all these elements was coordinated with air boss Ralph Royce, creating a full, five-hour broadcast-quality live television program synced with both Saturday and Sunday airshows. It was the most advanced production in air show history, made possible by Selfridge ANG and its partners.

In addition to being viewed on video walls by over 100,000 people in attendance, the broadcast was viewed over 75,000 times by people in over 120 countries on multiple apps and websites including LiveStream,, LiveAirshowTV and Facebook. The promotional video for the broadcast was also viewed 25,000 times, making over 100,000 total views for the event as of this release – a new record for an airshow.

Additionally, LiveAirShowTV fielded a social media team that partnered with Selfridge volunteers to post social media features on everything else going on “behind the flightline.” As of the final performance Sunday, event-related posts on the LiveAirShowTV Facebook page alone had reached over 1.2 million, also a new record. Reach on TeamSelfridge’s sites, Twitter and other social media continues to grow even after the event and has not yet been quantified.

“With this event, we’ve clearly shown that a sophisticated air show can really raise its profile, multiply sponsor value and create lasting media assets. Leveraging our air show production expertise and an integrated media strategy elevated Selfridge to the experience level seen elsewhere in the events industry,” said LiveAirShowTV president Jeff Lee. “And many air shows could take just one dollar from each ticket sold and do what Selfridge did.”

Selfridge air boss Ralph Royce said, “LiveAirShowTV’s extraordinary video and big screen production enhanced the Selfridge ANGB 100th anniversary air show by intertwining historic footage of the acts being flown. The seamless integration of the video history lesson created the most technically enhanced and spectator-pleasing air show production I have seen”

“The production allowed the show to weave their Centennial theme throughout the performances, provided entertainment and information during performer down time, and overall increased the professionalism of the event and put their brand before more than a million eyeballs across the world,” reiterated air show marketing expert Herb Gillen, who is very familiar with the event. “The future of our industry depends on utilizing this to provide a greater entertainment value and much greater reach. We need more shows across North America to use this technology.”


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