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Saturday’s National STOL Central Florida Classic finals broadcast is now FREE!!!!  Due to the overwhelming outpouring of support from the sponsors and fans, Sun n Fun is proud to offer Saturday’s broadcast of the Finals free of charge!

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Most airshows demonstrate pilots and aircraft operating at maximum performance at high speed with aerobatic displays of amazing talent. STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) Competitions show another side of flight, showcase the skill and precision of pilots who have mastered the art of flying "low and slow".  LiveAirshowTV will be broadcasting National STOL's Central Florida Classic Competition during the SUN 'n FUN Holiday Flying Festival.

Greg Gibson, Chief Marketing Officer and Air Operations Director said “We rely on Live Airshow TV’s top-shelf lineup of services for the annual SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo each year. They have really taken us to a new level and we are very pleased to have them carry this new event for us as well.”

The National STOL Competition uses a fixed line that competitors must land beyond, and their distance is recorded when their tires stop. For takeoffs, pilots start on the line and take off in the shortest distance.  In both cases, the distance is measured from the start line.

"We are very excited to partner with National STOL to bring this competition to Lakeland,” Gibson said. “The fun and energy this sort of flying brings is unique, and we can’t wait for the audience at this brand-new event on our campus to see it. It’s a great headliner for our weekend.”

Competitors will fly in a series of qualification heats over two days. Open Practice will be on December 3rd, with the first round of competitions on Friday, December 4th. This round will be open to all competitors, with up to 125 competing for the top 6 spots in their class. The following day, Saturday December 5th, the top 30 with the shortest distances from the previous day will compete in final round to achieve the lowest scores.  Winners will walk away with a huge cash prize of $12,500 and prizes.

Interested competitors can sign up today for the Central Florida Classic on the National STOL website.

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