LiveAirshowTV is pleased to announce its livestream of the Aviat 2020 Lonestar STOL Competition, Logo-Lonestar STOL CompetitionSaturday, March 14 starting at 2:00PM ET and can be viewed here.

STOL – short for “short takeoff and landing” – is a pilot skill practiced extensively amongst backcountry or “bush” pilots.  These pilots operate lightweight aircraft on extremely short fields in remote locations that may be grass, snow, gravel and otherwise harsh conditions requiring precise execution of the short takeoff landing and maneuvers.

STOL aircraft are aircraft built to get in and out of an area in the shortest distance and amount of time possible. Some aircraft are designed from the ground up to be a STOL airplanes, and others have just been modified to make them more capable as STOL aircraft.

STOL Aircraft
STOL Competition Aircraft

Alaskan bush pilots have held STOL competitions for years, but they have been relatively unknown to the general aviation public.  This changed somewhat with the 2019 National Championship Air Races, which for the first time featured STOL “drag racing” along with its traditional racing classes.  While a slightly different format than standard STOL competitions, the drag racing exposed aviation fans to the excitement of highly skilled, practiced pilots competing to takeoff and land their aircraft in the shortest possible distances.

LiveAirshowTV’s livestream will cover the competition live, starting at 2:00PM ET, and will be the first livestream of this type of event.  It will be available on Facebook Live, YouTube Live and  Viewers can expect to meet the pilots and see the competition portion of the weekend-long event, which also includes a fly-in and other activities.

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