• kelly stolman Reply

    aweseome stuff !!! God Bless and protect this entire event
    look forward to viewing

  • Kathy Reply

    How can I watch it on TV? Too much walking for me. Thank u

    • Phillip Hurst Reply

      You can watch it here on Liveairshowtv.com!

  • john Reply

    what time do the t-birds fly Saturday?

    • Phillip Hurst Reply

      Currently scheduled at 1522 ET!

  • Dan Bora Reply

    Saturday is the 19th, Sunday is the 20th

  • Tina Reply

    Is there a schedule of when each kind of plane will be flying on Sunday?

  • Debbie Ray Reply

    What time do the Thunderbirds run today it Selfridge

    • Phillip Hurst Reply

      Around 3:00

  • Ken Laming Reply

    What Radio station board cast the events. Who is flying.

  • Steve Reply

    anyway to record this livestream or will be up on youtube later

  • Judy Reply

    Is there a shuttle to take people from the parking area to the viewing area?

    • Phillip Hurst Reply

      Not sure we’re just doing the TV!

      • Vincent Reply

        Anyway to get this on DVDor something?

        • Phillip Hurst Reply

          Sorry, the base is not permitted to distribute it.

  • Alex Reply

    What is the Schedule for Selfridge Airshow?

  • deb smith Reply

    Does anyone know if more or less the same schedule on Sunday? I don’t want to miss the Thunderbirds.

    • Phillip Hurst Reply

      It may be a slightly different show Sunday.

  • Wendy Coffman Reply

    cant wait to see Jackie fly!!!!! this is an awesome airshow, we live in Wisconsin, and make the Duluth expo airshow each year… hopefully there will be some Mustangs in the air!!!!

  • Steve Reply

    Will there be a dvd available for purchase of the airshow weekend

  • Shawn Reply

    Are there any static or flying real aircraft today or Sunday ? The F-15 Eagle !

  • Jack Reply

    We need less talking, and more flying.

  • Terri Reply

    What is the schedule of events on Sunday?

    • Phillip Hurst Reply

      Should be close to today’s; there a rumor about an F22.

  • Michael Reply

    IS the show happening tomorrow Sunday as well?

    • Phillip Hurst Reply

      Yes it is!

  • Shawn Reply

    Unfortunately that’s not a Super Hornet ! It’s an F-18 hornet (Rhino). Super Hornets are larger and have square intakes.

    • Phillip Hurst Reply

      OK, how’s this then? 😉

  • Shawn Reply

    Nice fix brother ! Right on !

  • Wendy Coffman Reply

    This is the way all airshows should be!!! Nice way to spend my afternoon, reminising on my airshow and flying days,Thank You!!!! Be back tomorrow…

  • Beth Reply

    All I can find is that the “air show” is from 11 – 4. Can you give more specific times for each event?

    • liveairshowadmin Reply

      With over 20 aircraft flying and other factors like weather it’s impossible to say exactly, but the Thunderbirds are last scheduled for 3:00p.

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